Our Services


My practice has a substantial conveyancing aspect. I have dealt with all aspects of conveyancing from the acquisition of Freehold Interests in dwelling houses to the acquisition of a site on which a client developed and sold an 87 apartment complex and everything in between. At present, as the economy improves many conveyancing transactions involve sales by Banks, Receivers and Liquidators adding to the complexity of these deals, which need real expertise and experience.


I have acted in disposals of private companies to individuals and to Multinational Companies, Franchise Agreements, advising in Banking Contracts, taking security for loan, Shareholder Agreements.

Landlord & Tenant

Landlord and Tenant matters have always been to the fore and I have advised and acted in everything from residential tenancies to extensive commercial tenancies in major shopping complexes and the subsequent enforcement of such leases. I have advised both Landlords and Tenants on all issues including Schedules of Dilapidations, change of use, rent reviews and suchlike.


I have represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in District Court, Circuit Court and High Court proceedings and both Appellants and Respondents in Supreme Court Appeals. Such proceedings have covered everything from small consumer-related disputes to cases dealing with defamation, breach of copyright, specific performance, allegations of oppression of minority shareholdings and suchlike. I have dealt with matters in the Commercial Division of the High Court from initiation to finalisation for both Plaintiff and Defendant. I have extensive experience in debt collection and bank enforcement matters as well as personal injury litigation.


I am presently dealing with a number of employment-related matters before the Rights Commissioners in the first instance and thereafter on appeal to the Labour Relations Commissions as well as proceedings before the Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Equality Tribunal.


On an ongoing basis I deal with matters in the Annual Licensing Court from renewal of Club Registration to Public Music and Dance Licences as well as occasional Objections.


I have advised people in making wills from the most simple form to complex wills incorporating discretionary trusts. I have dealt with Enduring Powers of Attorney from the initial preparation of such documents to registration. In addition to general probate work where I have dealt with the administration of small estates without the necessity of extracting representation to substantial estates involving considerable tax planning, use of Disclaimers and suchlike, I have acted in Section 117 cases and in cases where Caveats have been registered preventing applications proceeding to the ultimate resolution of such disputes.

General Advices

Prosecutions under the Road Traffic Acts provide a regular source of work and during the past year I have represented an accused in a Dangerous Driving Causing Death Prosecution from the initial appearance in the District Court to the jury verdict in the subsequent Circuit Court Trial.